International Society of Ikebana Studies

Fostering Deeper Understanding of Ikebana through Research


About International Society of Ikebana Studies (ISIS)

International Society of Ikebana Studies (ISIS) welcomes members who are interested in Ikebana.

This society is not just for Ikebana researchers but also for Ikebana practitioners and those who are teaching or learning Ikebana.

We examine Ikebana from an academic point of view and we explore questions that face Ikebana practitioners.

Ikebana is related to a number of academic fields of study such as history, aesthetics, art history, literature, architecture, and even the natural sciences, for example biology.

Members investigate Ikebana using their own academic approach.

We hope that our research will enhance mutual understanding between the various fields of study, and also between academic researchers and practitioners.

We are aware this is not easy to achieve. We are also aware that focusing only on practicing Ikebana is not very wise.

We hope to study Ikebana as a form of Japanese traditional culture, academically, interdisciplinary and internationally.

We hope that many of you will join ISIS.

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