International Society of Ikebana Studies

Fostering Deeper Understanding of Ikebana through Research



1. This society is named as International Society of Ikebana Studies, ISIS.

2.  ISIS is located at Watanuki research office at Tsukuba University.

3.  ISIS aims to contribute to the development of Ikebana through research on Ikebana and through interaction among members.

4.  ISIS’s activities include following;

a. General conferences and regular conferences

b. Publication of an annual journal, International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS).

c. Other related issues.

5. ISIS has following officials;

a.     1 President

b.     Up to 2 vice presidents

c.     Up to 10 directors

d.     Up to 4 secretaries

e.     Up to 2 auditors

6. ISIS officials are selected from ISIS members at its general meeting. The president represents ISIS and gives a summary of its activities. The vice presidents support the president and can be an acting president if necessary. Directors form a committee to deal with general business. Secretaries are in charge of accounting, editing, advertising and other general business. Auditors audit accounting.

7.The term of the officials is two years and officials can be reappointed.

8. Members of ISIS are to agree with its objectives as specified in section 3 above. There are two types of members, regular members (individual or organization) and student members.

9. Members of ISIS receive a copy of its journal, International Journal of Ikebana Studies and can submit manuscripts for consideration to be included in the journal. They can also attend the ISIS general meetings.

10. Members are required to pay annual membership fee up front (4000 yen for regular members and 2000 yen for students members). Membership fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

11. A member may lose his or her membership under following conditions.

a. Resignation

b. Death

c. Dismissal

d. Arrears of membership fee

e. Dissolution of ISIS

12. ISIS can dismiss any member whose behavior is found to be unacceptable at a general meeting.

13. General conference will be held annually in autumn in Japan and there will be some other regular conferences.

14. During the general conference the annual general meeting (AGM) will be held and the annual accounts will be tabled.

15. At the AGM the following points will be discussed:

a. Annual report and accounting of the previous year.

b. Plans and budgets for the next year.

c. Selection of officials

d. Amendments to the rules of the Society

e. Other issues related to ISIS  

16. Issues raised at the AGM are to be decided by majority of members present at the AGM.

17. The board of directors consists of the president, vice presidents and directors. The president calls meetings with the board and when over half the members are present the board’s decisions are binding.

18. The board of directors will discuss issues for the AGM and other necessary issues for the Society.

19. The budget of ISIS consists of membership fees, business income and donations.

20. The financial year of ISIS starts from April 1 and end March 31 the following year.

This regulation becomes effective after September 15 in 2013.